Wood Shavings Essex

Wood Shavings Essex

Choosing the correct bedding for your horse contributes to the warmth, comfort and welfare of your horse. A comfortable bed will encourage a horse to lie down and relax and provide a warm, dry bed that is absorbent and de-odorising.

Wood Shavings are a popular form of bedding as they are absorbent and easy to muck out. It is important to buy wood shavings that have been specially produced for use as animal bedding as alternatives can be sharp with unsuitable debris. Wood shavings can be used for a deep litter and will take four to five bales to start a bed. You will need one or two bales a week for a horse buy cialis that is stabled at night. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for the latest offers and information on our products.

Wood Shavings Essex


Wood Shavings Essex


Our StableBed shavings are:

  • premium quality pure pine wood shavings made from Scots Pine timber.
  • naturally antiseptic wood shavings due to naturally occurring compounds present in the timber (sylvestrin)
  • dust extracted wood shavings to minimise the risk of respiratory problems


  • 100% natural and pure wood shavings


  • highly absorbent wood shavings
  • soft and light wood shavings so very comfortable
  • naturally deodorising wood shavings because they are made from pine

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