Thorogood's Big Bale Haylage Rye
Good quality big bale haylage made from italian or perrenial rygrass. Excellent great value forage.Full Load of Brooks Bales

Big Bale Haylage – Rye


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Big Bale Haylage – Rye

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Product Description

Big bale haylage from rye grass.
Approx 250 – 300Kg Bales from Italian or perennial rye grass, first or second cut.

  • Guaranteed weed free great quality big bale haylage
  • Higher in fibre and lower in energy and protein than Writtle Hay & Straw Premium bales
  • Suitable for 95% of horses
  • Big bales = better value
  • Excellent value for money, our biggest selling product

Delivered in multiples of 4. 1 pallet = 40 items for discount purposes.

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