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  • Alfalfa-mazing contains no other ingredients, just 100% Alfalfa.
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Product Description

Containing exceptional levels of calcium Alfalfa-mazing is the perfect feed for the growth and maintenance of bone strength. Its high protein level promotes muscle growth and repair, this coupled with Alfalfa-mazing’s superior fibre content means the all round health and well being of your horse or pony is just a few mouthfuls away. Alfalfa-mazing’s high fibre content combined with its low starch and sugar levels ensures it provides slow, non fizzy energy release.

Alfalfa-mazing can be used to good effect for the soothing and healing of stomach ulcers, and is also suitable for equines with or prone to laminitis, this being in part due to its naturally low sugar levels. Alfalfa-mazing contains no other ingredients, just 100% Alfalfa.

Alfalfa-mazing contains all the key nutrients and vitamins needed for your horse/pony to thrive. From horses at rest to competition animals it can be used to great effect.