How our discounts work

Writtle Hay & Straw has a unique pricing structure; simply put – the more you order the more you save!
Our minimum order is done on volume and depends upon your location, starting local to us as 2 full stacks on the lorry.

As you browse, each product has in its description how many bales fill 1 space.

We do offer further discounts for larger orders and you are welcome to have a mix of different products.

2 stacks = Discount 1 (Essex deliveries only)

4 stacks = Discount 2

8 stacks = Discount 3

Please see below the best multiples to order these bales in.

  • Medium Hay, Straw & Haylage – delivered in multiples of 12
  • Big Bale Haylage- delivered in multiples of 6
  • Big Bale Hay & Straw – delivered in multiples of 3
  • Small bale Hay & Straw – delivered in multiples of 42 (x2 baron packs)

Take advantage of our discount system by ordering a few months’ feed and forage in one go. Or why not order with a friend or someone else on your yard, we are happy to give you the discount and still take separate payments.

Get the best discount you can!

It’s worth remembering that haylage and most bedding can be stored outside – so stock up!

If you have any questions about our pricing structure please call us: 01245 423 002 or Email us: