Horse Bedding Essex

Horse Bedding Essex

Horse Bedding Essex

Horse Bedding Essex

Horse bedding is not a straightforward choice. There’s a huge variety of horse bedding on the market — from traditional favourites to the latest materials. Making a decision depends on what type of horse bedding suits your needs which can depend on a number of factors including cost, transport, storage, disposal and the individual. In general, the most common types of bedding used are straw and shavings.

Which horse bedding you use can make a massive difference to the time and effort you need to put in to keeping their stables clean. Choosing the right horse bedding is important for ensuring a clean and healthy stable environment for your horse. All horses are different so the horse bedding you choose needs careful thought to match the right bedding to the animal – whether it’s Aquamax pine pellets or Ecobale made from cardboard, we have the bedding for you and your horse!

Aquamax horse bedding creates a clean and comfortable stable and trailer environment – essential for horse health and wellbeing. In addition to this Aquamax will save you time, money and space. Ecobale cardboard horse bedding is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional animal bedding like wood shavings and straw. It provides a healthier, cleaner environment.


As well as your choice of horse bedding, maintenance of stables and a good mucking out routine is paramount to ensure your horse has a healthy environment to live in. At Writtle Hay & Straw we supply a huge range of horse bedding so you can get just the right mix for your whole stable. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook.


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