Hay, Haylage & Straw Orders….

Due to shortages / low stock and our desire to supply our existing customers, we regret that we are unable to accommodate new customers for hay, straw or haylage at this time.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We will of course be delighted to take on new customers once this years harvest is underway. Please contact us to register your interest for this years Harvest Sale.

For all current customers wishing to place their usual orders, please e-mail your order through to us: office@writtlehayandstraw.com or give us a call: 01245 423 002.

New crop Haylage sampling time!

Once the new crop bales have had long enough (at least 8 weeks from wrapping) we check a few before sending any out for delivery.

The plastic is removed and the strings are cut, so that we can check all the way through the bale. I love this time of the year-the haylage smells fantastic!
Now these bales are ready for delivery, our lorries are super busy! We can fit 60 large haylage bales on a full lorry load. These are then unloaded with our Manitou forklift which has a grab / squeeze attachment to take the bales off the lorry and unload them where you need them.


Lovely golden barley straw; these excellent quality conventional bales come in bale baron packs of 21. If you have not seen the barons before; they are a pack made up of 21 individually strung conventional bales. These are then stood up on end in 3 rows of 7 and secured with an extra 4 strings into the bale baron pack. Our forklift unload service makes light work of offloading these packs of bales from the lorry ordering xenical online directly into your barn. For Further information, please give us a call, drop us an e-mail or send us a message on Facebook


hay103The same top quality haylage you will find in our standard bale haylage original, but now also available in our NEW ‘3 SLICE BALE’.


You will find these bales more user friendly and generally easier to use.


Once you open your bale, you will see 3 clearly defined sections within the bale. This makes filling haynets a much quicker and easier job.


To try our new 3 slice bales now click here

As an introductory offer, we are pricing these bales at our usual standard bale haylage original price.

High Quality Feed and Haylage for your Horses

We know that consistently high quality feed and haylage is essential to the wellbeing of your horse. We also know that value for money and reliable service is crucial. That’s why we created Writtle Hay and Straw with quality haylage, hay and straw for horses. We understand your life is busy. Now you can shop with us online as well as order over the phone. We are based in Essex but deliver throughout the South East.